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Pointer Bee Farm

 Honey, Honeybees Nucleus Colony & Queen Bees 

We are a urban farm, this means that unlike a traditional farm/apiaries we have our bees in back yards & on rooftops of you or your neighbor property throughout Union County NJ

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"Having a Beehive is like getting a new toy you can't play with."

Brett R. Wagner

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Our Mission

Save the Pollinators

Here at Pointer Bee Farm

we are committed to the health and well-being of pollinators. Our focus goes beyond honey. We’re on a mission to safeguard and sustain honeybees and other pollinators, for the livelihood of all.


We love our gardens and encourage everyone to start planting pollinator gardens.

They benefit us all.

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3 Mile Project

At Least 1 Honeybee Hive Every Three Miles Or Less

This project started after watching Bee People. In this must see documentary they talk about getting a hive every two miles. So without copying (even though they probably wouldn't care) I made it 3 miles or less. As you can see on the map above, if the center radius is Pointer Bee Farm and with just 6 hives 3 miles from us and 3 miles from their neighboring hives, there would be a lot of pollinating going on. You do not have to live within three miles from Pointer Bee Farm to join in this project you just need to want to save the pollinators. If interested contact us for more information, and say hi to Ruby.

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