Delivering will be End of April 2022. We will be personally delivering to the areas below along the I95 corridor at the end of April. Once we get closer to April, we will update our customers with specific addresses, pickup times and will keep them updated along the route. Customers must be flexible and able to meet at drop locations along the below route. Further details and updates will be provided as they become available. Payment is required in full. No refunds.

1 to 3 Extra Queens are available. Queens only available for package customers.


If you are a NYS or Connecticut Resident and would like Don's Bees Please give a call we will try to accommodate.


2022 April Package Delivery Locations

Florence, SC

Fayetteille NC

Wilson, NC

Richmond, VA

Fredericksburg, VA

Landover Hills, MD

Nottingham, MD

Newport, DE

NJTP drop off area deepending on orders, NJ


Farm pickup, Rahway NJ

3lb Package Bees directly from Don “The Fat Bee Man” with mated, unmarked queen

SKU: package2021
    • Calm & Docile behavior

    • Explosive spring buildup

    • Low tendency to swarm

    • Hygienic

  • Drop off on rout or pick-up at our farm only