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The whole family went to pick up the bees Brett was so nice and helped the kids feel so comfortable handling our new bees. We now have 2 hives as Brett and his dog Ruby came and helped us get a swarm from our tree. While Brett was here he checked our hive to make sure it was not the one that swarmed, and thank god it wasn't. My youngest said to say Hi to Ruby.

The Andersons


I was one of the first beekeepers to buy a Nuc from PBF. The queen was amazing and so was Brett the head beekeeper at Pointer Bee Farm. He took it upon himself to mentor me. Got me through my first year with my girls and still answers any questions I have. Can't wait to get more bees from Pointer Bee Farm. Thanks to you all at PBF

Johnny I
Healthy Buzz Apiaries

Image by Gérôme Bruneau

Last year we got a three frame NUC from Brett. He told us to put two more frames in the five frame box, feed them 1 to 1 syrup and let them go for 2 to 3 weeks. After two weeks we opened up the box lid and it exploded with bees. All five frames had brood in them and the one on the end had some nectar and pollen. Transferred them to a 8 frame and in about two more weeks there was so many bees we had to add two medium honey suppers. Later that summer I saw Brett at a Bee Meeting and told him how fast they grew out of the five frame. He said, "That was your first lesson in how to grow bees, keep them crowded." 

Don & Marry P

In May of 2020 I got a NUC from Pointer Bee Farm. The girls where so easy to work and only got stung when I pinch one between my finger and frame. Started thinking I needed one more hive before summer was over and got it from another bee farm. At first the hive was good building up fast drawing comb, everything was great. By September the hive from the other farm was so angry and aggressive that I could not go near it without getting stung. So I called Brett at Pointer Bee Farm and asked him what should I do. He said to make sure it was not queen less and if it was queen right to put her down and re-queen. I was so scared to go in the hive that I ask Brett if he would come out and help me. So to make this short for a small fee he came with a new queen and we re-queened that hive.

Thank you and will keep you posted.

Tim B.

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