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Our Bees

Pointer Bee Farm, LLC is a local family-run Bee Farm that has been raising different lines of bees for years. In a short time we have found that the following line of bees and our Pointer Bees seem to thrive in this area.



Pointer Bee Farm Carniolan from ii Queen

  • Calm and Docile behavior n the Comb

  • Sense of Orientation (arguably the best of any race)

  • Highly Resistant to Diseases and Parasites

  • Reduced Consumption Over Winter

  • Length of the tongue (the second longest after the Caucasian honey bee)

  • Explosive Spring Buildup

  • Less Prone to Robbing and Spreading Diseases 


The Carniolan honey bee one of the most economically viable races. They have the ability to adjust the worker population to nectar/pollen availability and cut off brood production when necessary.

Pointer Bee Farm Honey Bees: These Queens are a mix genetics of all the colonies in our yard. Here are some of the traits of our Pointer Bee Farm Honey Bees

  • Calm and Docile behavior

  • Low tendency to swarm

  • Explosive spring buildup

  • Resistant to diseases and parasites / been observed chewing on mites 

  • Over winter well with reduced consumption 

  • Excellent sense of orientation

Fat Bee Man Bee's Traits:

  • Calm & Docile behavior

  • Explosive spring buildup

  • Low tendency to swarm

  • Hygienic

Pointer Bee Farm Line are a mix of New World Carniolan, Buckfast, Caucasian, Purdue Mite Biter (ankle-biter) and The Fat Bee Man's stock. 

We bring in new stock every year to keep up genetic diversity.

Here is a good article to read on genetic diversity.

About Our Bees: Our Farm
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