2021 Carnica Mated Queens

2021 Carnica Mated Queens

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Our PBF Carnica Queens come from an ii Queen we perchest fromNew River Honey Bees. Her daughters are open mated to the drones we have in the area. These douters still could be mated with carnica drones but there is no way of knowing. The most acclaimed traits of the Carniolan bee are its calm and docile behavior on the comb, the sense of orientation is arguably the best of any race, their brood is highly resistant to diseases and parasites, reduced consumption over winter, the length of the tongue (the second longest after the Caucasian honey bee), explosive spring buildup, they are less prone to robbing and spreading diseases in other colonies. The Carniolan honey bee one of the most economically viable races. They have the ability to adjust the worker population to nectar/pollen availability and cut off brood production when necessary.
  • Refund Policy

    If your queen arrives dead in shipping, then you must open the queen cage while still at the post office, dump out the dead queen and bees on top the shipping label and take a picture with your cell phone so that you can see the dead queen, then email me the photo to get refund.

    In the unlikely event that we are not able to make or supply your breeder queen order in the 2020 season then we will refund your payment.   We assume no other responsibilities and will not be held responsible for any additional funds past that which you paid us for your order. 

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    We will only ship to the lower 48 States.

    Shipping of Queens will Start in May


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