5 Frame Nuc with  Don Kuchenmeister aka Fat Bee Mans Bees

5 Frame Nuc with Don Kuchenmeister aka Fat Bee Mans Bees

SKU: 2020BuckfastNuc

2021 NUC (nucleus colony) with 2021 Fat Bee Man Queen (open mated production queen) When purchasing (or pre-purchasing) this item you will get a 5 Frame Deep Nucleus Colony with a young, 2021, Fat Bee Man Queen installed and laying. Our NUCS come in a 5 Frame Carboard Nuc or Deep Wood Nuc Box (+ $20). So there is no need to bring your own equipment when picking up your nuc. Our Nuc consists of 4 deep frames of brood / bees & 1 frame of honey / pollen. We estimate for the 2021 season that our 5 Frame Nucs should be ready to pick up around the 8th of May. Of course this depends on the weather and could vary a few weeks earlier or later. We will keep you posted. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances that might prevent us from supplying your nuc during the 2021 season, we will offer a full refund of the purchase price through PayPal. Our Nucs are available for local pickup only, we do not ship Nucs. Thanks for your Business! Disclaimer: Picture shown on this product is for representation only and is not an exact picture of the product you are purchasing. If you arrive to pick up your nuc(s) and decide you don't like them, we will allow you to cancel your order at that time and we will refund you the purchase price of the nuc only. The refund will not cover your travel expenses or any other costs other than the purchase price of the nuc. Any order cancellations will be refunded via the same method that payment was made, through PayPal. Due to the nature of beekeeping there is no warranty on NUCS and after they leave our farm. By completing this purchase, you understand that you are agreeing to the terms in this item description.

NUC Box Type
Marked or Unmarked Queen
  • Traits

    • Calm & Docile behavior

    • Explosive spring buildup

    • Low tendency to swarm

    • Hygienic

  • Shipping INFO

    We do not ship NUC's


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