2021  Fat Bee Man  Mated Queen

2021 Fat Bee Man Mated Queen

These Queens are from Dons yard and in most cases they are a random mix of all the different lines that he raise. They are gentle, very good honey purducers and over winter well in NJ climate. They have explosive spring buildup and are less prone to robbing.We are hoping to ship queens the beginning of May. But this will depend on Mother Nature.
Marked or Unmarked Queen
  • Refund Policy

    In the unlikely event that we are not able to make or supply your Production Queen order in the 2021 season then we will refund your payment.   We assume no other responsibilities and will not be held responsible for any additional funds past that which you paid us for your order. 

  • Shipping

    We will only ship to the lower 48 States. All orders that pay for shipping will be sent to address that is attached to you PayPal account.

    Shipping of Queens will Start in May


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